Serving the Town of Granite, we are a small rural school located in Greer County. Steeped in tradition, Granite Public Schools has received state recognition in both academics and athletics.

Through the efforts of our hard working educators, combined with the involvement of concerned parents and a supportive community, we strive to instill a strong work ethic and high standards within our students so they may thrive in their future.


Chad Cargill ACT Workshop November 14th, 8:30-11:30 A.M.
In the auditorium at WOSC
Cost $30.00, payable to WOSC

This training will help you
increase your ACT scores!!!
This is the closest he will be to us.

Monday, October 20
**Navajo Elem BB Tourn - TBA

Tuesday, October 21
**EXPLORE TEST (8th grade) AM
** PLAN TEST (10th grade) AM
** BioMed Meeting (10th ) 12:30
** Navajo Elem BB Tourn - TBA

Wednesday, October 23
**JH Academic @ Sentinel
**Oklahoma History Class Cowboy Hall of Fame Trip
**RSA Parent Meeting PK-3rd
 @   5:30

Thursday, October 23
**Red Ribbon Week
“Love Yourself.  Be Drug Free”
**JH/HS Boys Scrim @ Hammon 4:30

Friday, October 24
**Red Ribbon Week
“Love Yourself.  Be Drug Free”
**Fire Drill

Saturday, October 25
**ACT Test Date